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Season 5 – Premieres Tue Jan 15th, 2019 on
NBC Sports (NBCSN)

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Welcome to The Lifted Life where every week we make someone’s lifted dreams into stunning 4X4 customization reality.
These award winning rides are built by the Hill Family’s internationally renowned, Five R Trucks. There’s never a dull moment here at this innovative 30+ year Colorado family business.

Sky high lifts, air ride suspensions, wheels & tires, performance mods, winches, bumpers, grilles, interior design, body, paint, wraps, coatings, and groundbreaking accessories, these master craftsmen do it all, and they do it big.

Each week you’ll witness someone’s dream 4×4 roll from rendering to reality. Weather it be driving on smooth asphalt, climbing over rocky passes, or slopping through deep mud, we builds the machines that conquer them all.

Full Episodes Originally Air Saturdays at 10am ET / 9am CT on Velocity

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